Why Your Story Is Important

Everyone has a story.

You have a past, you have the present, and hopefully you will have a future. We are the sum of all these experiences. These experiences will be filled with good memories and bad. Our journey will include many successes and failures that will mold and shape our story until we die. And the people that surround us, well, they are a part of the story too. That’s why it’s important to live now with purpose and clarity.

Why Your Story Is Important

You only get one shot at life. One opportunity to weave an amazing tale of your life and what you represented. One chance to leave an amazing legacy. Then it’s over. What will your story be when you reach ‘The End?’ It’s a tough and sobering question we should all answer.

I think it’s easy to forget that what we do today impacts our future. What we do today has a direct bearing on the lives of our family, our children, or our friends. Sometimes the decisions we make in the present could change the trajectory of someone we’ve never met. You and I have an opportunity that we never imagined. But we have to step back and take a look at our lives with an honest evaluation. Then we have to ask ourselves if we are living and leaving the story we truly want to tell.

Writing a Best Seller of Our Lives

I’ve been challenged the past few weeks as the message from LifeChurch.tv has been about My Story. While the big picture focuses on the Christian faith, the principle of the message applies to anyone regardless of your religious beliefs. Here is a brief summary:

One day we’re all going to tell a story about our lives. The decisions we make today will determine the story we’ll tell tomorrow. In the series, My Story, we’re going to learn to live a story worth telling.

I don’t know about you, but I want to live a story worth telling. My heart desires to write a best seller — an award winning, dramatic story that will impact the lives of others. I want to make a difference. How does that look for me personally?

  • Not being a lukewarm Christian. This doesn’t mean I am going to stand on the corners and blast everyone about my faith, but that my actions in the future will speak louder than my words.
  • Not focusing on myself. I admit that I can be pretty self-centered at times. I want to invest in other people as much as I’ve invested in myself.
  • Not thinking small. As I wrote in my last post, I’ve been thinking small and not being open to the amazing opportunities that have been placed in front of me.
  • Not being angry or judgmental. Yeah, I know, hard to believe. The reality is that I can be a very angry and condescending person because of my past experiences, but it’s time to let it go.

Maybe you have situations that you want to change in your own life. Perhaps you want to work hard at eliminating habits that will hold you back from a story worth telling. If so, I am with you!

Proud to Be Published

At the end our lives we will either have a story we are proud to publish or one we hope ends up in the circular file. Our story might be remembered because it was great … or it might be forgotten because it was horrible.

If you want a story worth telling, you have the ability right now to do so. It doesn’t matter about your past or the choices you made yesterday. What matters is the actions and the changes you make today. You have a clean slate sheet of paper to start writing your new masterpiece right now; a masterpiece that changes lives and leaves a great lasting legacy. Start typing and don’t look back!

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