Why You Shouldn't Follow Your Passions

Just follow you passions.

You’ve probably heard this saying at least once in your life and may have considered it or have actually done it. It is the kind of advice that can inspire us or motivate us to finally do something we’ve always dreamed about. But you also need to take warning because following your passion is not always the best advice.

What you really need to ask yourself is if you plan to make a living from your passion.

If you want to follow your passion without any concern for financial payoff, then there really is no need to wait or use caution – you should go for it today! If you desire that your dream will provide for you and your family in the future, then you really need to evaluate what you might be doing. I realize that it’s been said that you should “follow you passion and the money will follow”, but this is not entirely true. Sometimes there is no payoff at the end of the rainbow. You may discover one day that you’ve lost everything to get the pot of gold. This is why it is prudent you ask yourself these four questions.

  • Does my passion make sense to pursue financially?
  • Will people want to hire me or buy my product or service?
  • Can I really make enough money to live off of?
  • Will it be worth it for my long-term investment?

These are the questions you honestly need to answer if you intend to make a leap into the unknown. Just because you’re passionate about something doesn’t mean you can profit from it and it may be better off taking a safer route – especially if you’re placing all your eggs in that one basket. Please understand that there is nothing more exciting to me than encouraging a person to chase their dreams, but I have also have seen friends and family grab hold of some inspiring motivational advice only to discover that it’s great in theory, but not practical in reality.

Follow your passions, absolutely … just make sure you count the real cost first.

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