What Will Be Your Legacy?

This last week has been a really sad one for me.  An old time friend who was very dear to our family and who walked with us in some of our toughest times passed away after an unfortunate roofing accident.  He was only 48.

John and his family were close friends of ours when I rededicated my life to the Lord.  We talked trash about sports and had great conversations about God, life, and family.  Our families ate many meals together and we shared a ton of good times and bad.  It breaks my heart to know that he his gone and we truly hurt for the rest of his family.

As I began reading their support blog this past week, I could see how John left one great, Godly imprint on so many people’s lives.  He was a dad, family man, coach, teacher, and mentor.  There are hundreds of stories of how he made a difference and how his Christian walk influenced his students and friends.  In short, he has left an amazing legacy.

This difficult time has also caused me to look deeply into my own life.  I am troubled, because if I am an being honest, I don’t think I’ve done the things I need to do to leave a great legacy.  I’m not talking about some sort of recognition or achievement but actually investing in the lives of others and living a Godly life the way I am capable of and should be doing.  The reality is that I am consumed with stuff that won’t last.  I’ve made some bad trades and I want to change that …this week will be a pivotal time for me refocus and do just that – make change.

Tomorrow we attend John’s funeral and I am sure the large church they attend will be filled with people whose lives have been touched by him.  In fact, I think it will be standing room only and it will be an awesome testimony of his life.     I am sad that he was called home early but I rejoice because I know that John Griffis is standing in the Kingdom with Jesus’ hand on his shoulder saying, “well done good and faithful servant.”

… John, you hit a THE hole in one!   We’ll miss you but we will see you again!

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