What If?

What if you could develop an idea that changes a community or the world?

What if you could teach people how to fish and provide the fishing equipment?

What if you could fund ministries or non-profits so they could do the work over fundraising?

What if we stopped seeking more for ourselves and gave more away?

These “WHAT IF’s” are what’s on my mind today.  I don’t know what the details are or an exact plan, but these questions are ones that I would like to answer … or at least try to provide a solution for.  Sometimes I wonder if I have become too complacent, or do I want too much and give too little.  We tend to wait for the perfect time or circumstances but it just won’t happen.  People are hurting today and there are so many needs to fulfill.

I want to bring change to the world around me.

I’m not sure where this will all lead but it is on my mind.  Do you ever ask the same questions?

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