User Interface (UI) Design

The way your customer experiences your mobile or desktop app is important to your success. An attractive User Interface (UI) will guide your customer through an enjoyable process and increase the use of your product. It's paramount to show them a digital interface that's simple and intuitive.

My purpose as a UI Designer is to create beautiful and responsive experiences for your target audience. I will guide your visitor through your products interface in a way that makes sense, looks fantastic, and works for all screen sizes or platforms. Together we'll communicate that they can trust your brand and entice them to keep using your product.

My UI design responsibilities include customer analysis, design research, UI prototyping or wireframing, digital interface design, user guides, branding and graphics development, design adaption to all screen sizes, and working with the developer to implement all of the designs.

Just because something looks good doesn’t mean it’s useful. And just because something is useful does not make it beautiful. - Joshua Brewer

My User Experience Design Process

Phase One: Discovery

Every UI design project begins with discovery. I need to have a firm grasp of your product offering, expectations, and your target audience. I'll conduct design research and customer analysis. The more details I gather, the better the end result will be.

Phase Two: Wireframes or Prototyping

Once I've completed the discovery process I will begin handcrafting mockups, wireframes, or UI prototypes. My goal is to create all the UI design elements specific to the requirements we have set for the project.

Phase Three: UI Design

This is where the magic happens! I will use the mockups or wireframes to bring the actual design and User Interface to life. Depending on the project, I will create digital files in Photoshop or Illustrator so they can be implemented by your developer of choice. I'll also collaborate with the developer to ensure the desired outcome is achieved.

Investment Cost for UI Design

The average User Interface design project starts at $2,500 USD, but depends on your needs or requirements. If you want to partner with a designer who cares about your success as much as you do, let's begin the conversation.