The World Needs You

Let’s have a show of hands.

How many of you have ever dreamed of having the life of Richard Branson or JK Rowling? Maybe you’ve thought to yourself if you could only be like BeyonceChris Brogan, Tim Ferris, Angie Hicks, or Seth Godin, then life would be awesome and you could make a difference in the world around you. If we’re being honest, I think most of us have wished we could have what they have.

It’s understandable to desire the success or fame or talent of someone else. We’re wired to want something other than what we’ve been blessed with. But the truth is that you will never be happy being someone else or turning away from the person you were meant to be.

The world already has them. The world needs you!

You are unique and wonderfully made. You were created to be different than the rest of the world. This means you should do everything to embrace who you are and find great joy in knowing you’re not like them. You have something that the world needs and it’s up to you to deliver it.

It saddens me to see freelancers and entrepreneurs drinking the kool-aid that makes them feel like they should be someone else. Stop worshipping or idolizing others. Don’t throw all of your attention and money at them hoping one day you will be blessed to walk in their shoes. Looking to other people for inspiration is fine, but you should never aspire to copy another human being. You will never find peace in this and you will only look like a poser.

It’s time to just be you.

Stand out from the crowd and be different. Start building your own brand and defining who you are. Water the grass on your own side of the fence to make it greener. Invest in yourself and your talents. Launch yourself into the world because what the world really needs is you.

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