The Most Extremely Valuable Asset in Your Business

Last week I took my wife’s car in for a couple of new tires because we were driving 300 miles to the Circles Conference in Dallas, Texas. I am someone who, for better or for worse, tends to be overly cautious when it comes to safety – especially when it has to do with my wife and family. The local tire company we go to has been really good and we’ve not had much reason to doubt them when it comes to recommendations, until lately.

Who Can You Trust or Can You?

We had our oil change done a couple of weeks ago because when I checked the level, it was pretty much zero. I’ve had two blown engines in the past and as joyful as the experience was, I didn’t want to experience it a third time. The tire company was aware of this and informed us that our rear oil seal needed to be replaced, but since they didn’t do that, recommended a couple local mechanics. Here is where it gets interesting. Please hang with me, as there is a point

The mechanic we visited said the seal wasn’t leaking at all. They commented that our tire company didn’t know what they were talking about. Now the mechanics are highly trusted and recommended by very good friends of ours. I had no reason to doubt them. I was happy that we didn’t have to spend a thousand dollars for this expense, but the engine IS burning oil slowly somehow.

1) So we go back to Tire Company A who puts the new tires on. Nothing is said about the oil, but we do need a new outer tie-rod and wheel bearing. I decide to wait and vow to come back next week. But blowing a tie-rod at 75 mph on the highway could be like launching a missile at the Russians, and my gut tells me to take it to another place for a second opinion. I’ve decided that dying before the weekend and a missing good Fat Tire beer is something I don’t to do.

2) Tire Company B gives the car a look over and invites me back to show me what is wrong. Inner tie-rods need to be replaced, sway bar links replaced, and of course, the OIL SEAL is leaking and needs replaced. Assured that I won’t die in Texas, I make our journey to and from, expecting to spend something on the “man van” returning home.

3) Today I took it for one last look at Tire Company C. These guys have done work on my ’66 Oldsmobile (my baby) and have done work for my best friend’s cars since he was a teenager. They check everything out and tell me the tie-rods are all good to go, only the wheel bearing needs replaced. I look at a diagram of the tie-rods in this shop and when Company B physically showed me the part that was worn, they pointed to the OUTER tie-rod and not the INNER as they said was needing to be fixed. I am in a huge state of mistrust and disappointment. 

Trust is The Most Extremely Valuable Asset for Your Business

Consumers usually don’t have a problem in spending money on a solution for their needs, especially if it’s a solution they feel is the best choice. The problem comes when they don’t know who to trust. If a customer senses they are getting raked over the coals, they will not do business with you. If you present solutions that your client doesn’t really need, then you are not a good company to deal with and eventually the truth will be made known. This is why it’s critical for your own company to do what Chris Brogan has written about many times — that you should get people to know, like, AND trust you!

I will always give my loyalty, my long-term commitment, and my money to people I trust. Are you trustworthy in your business? You should be!

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