The Greatest Moments in a Dad's Life

If I had the opportunity to choose between a million dollars and the conversation I had tonight with my princess (who is now 16) about life and passions, I wouldn’t give the money a thought!  There is something magical about sharing those special moments and they are just a few of the times that you simply cannot put a price tag on.

My family hasn’t always been my focus.  Like other people, I wanted my piece of the pie; the bigger house, the vintage cars, a custom West Coast Chopper, to travel and not worry, and a fat bank account.  I desired a fan base and success.  And I’ve danced with the devil to try and get it.  What I have realized, but sometimes loose sight of, is that this stuff just doesn’t matter and it’s not worth my soul.  I told my daughter, the treasures I will never give up are the one’s we make together as a family!

Tonight I continued to discover how much she is really like me and that even though she doesn’t know my whole “story”, our stories are eerily familiar.  We talked about her future plans and interests and about how to choose our life’s journey.  These are the times I love.  Or the times my son and I play soccer and we get to have “man talk” in between the trash talk to each other.  It’s these moments that matter and that will live as long as we do.

I want to encourage you to make time for the REAL important things in life. Remember that it’s easy to work our lives away for those fleeting material objects of our affection and to miss the real treasures like I almost did tonight — a priceless time to invest in my daughter’s life and to learn more about the things she loves.  This was definitely a great time and better than that work I would have done.

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