Starting on a Shoestring Budget as an Entrepreneur

This blog post is a thumbs up to the entrepreneurs who launch their businesses with nothing more than a dream and a determination to succeed.  Being an entrepreneur is difficult enough.  It’s even more difficult when you start your business with a shoestring budget or no cash at all.

There are a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs that I know personally and through their blogs who have set out on their own and I applaud them for taking a road less traveled.  They at least have made an effort to do something that others are too afraid to do.  But some of these people talk as though they started with absolutely nothing – and this couldn’t be any further from the truth. When you are given daddy’s money or have your salary covered by a financial backer, you don’t have as much at stake, and it’s easier to gain momentum than literally starting without any help or outside funding.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting any form of assistance … I just don’t think a person can accurately say they did it all themselves, because they didn’t.

I have respect for any person who has the intestinal fortitude to chase a dream and do whatever it takes to achieve it.  I have MORE admiration for people who take a risk without any fallback plan or starting salary.  These people deserve to win and achieve their dreams.  They are the ones who should be speaking at the podium or being highlighted in the magazines.

If you are starting your entrepreneurial dream without a sugar daddy or silver spoon in your mouth and without any outside help, then hold your head high and be proud regardless of the results so far.  You’ve joined an elite group of people who have set out on a journey even less traveled.  Keep pushing forward!

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