How Hitting a Truck at 75 MPH Can Improve Your Life

A couple of weeks ago I had the tremendous blessing of taking my beautiful wife of 19 years on her dream anniversary trip and vacation … a five day cruise into the Eastern Caribbean.  After months of hard work and planning, we were finally able to book our journey on the Carnival ship called Destiny to venture into the deep azul waters of the Caribbean and experience the island life we had only seen in Corona commercials.  This would be a trip we would never forget!

Our plans included arriving a day earlier in Orlando so that we could drive south along the coast, taking in the beautiful scenery and enjoying the beach towns along the route.  We rented a Ford Fusion Hybrid from Thrifty Car Rental – and after some mild persuasion to purchase the additional insurance – set off on a relaxing three hour drive to Miami.  All that was about to change.

Along the route we opted to jump onto I-95 for Ft. Lauderdale so that we could pick up our friends who would accompany us on the cruise, but 30 miles from our destination, an SUV would create a chain of wrecks which ultimately caused a Chevy truck to lose control, spinning into our lane and within a blink of an eye I would hit head on at 75 mph.

There’s nothing I’ve ever experienced like that!

I’ve never been in a car wreck before and the screeching sound of melting brakes, thundering crash of metal on metal, horrific screams of my wife, and the intense burning of my hands will forever stay with me.  I had maybe one second to hit the brakes with all my might but there was no way to avoid the catastrophe.  It was surreal and my only concern was for my bride whom I thought was critically injured.

God was with us that day and I am truly thankful for His protection!  Three cars had collided with each other because of a hit and run SUV … and all of us emerged without serious injuries.  Our car was totaled but we were alive when it could have easily turned tragic.  I still shudder thinking about how close we were to potential death.

I have been rethinking my life and evaluating so many things since that day.  You just never know what lies ahead.  And I think that’s added some perspective to an already complicated situation and a reason for a huge decision I will share in the next couple of days.

(BTW – I have to give a HUGE thanks to Thrifty Car Rental for their care and service as well as to all the friends who prayed for us and showed their deep concern.  Thank you all so much!!!)

PART TWO Coming on Monday.

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