Seven People I Would Love to Meet

A couple of month’s ago I read Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi.  I loved his advice and insight about building authentic and lasting relationships with  people for business and life.  His book affirmed the extreme value of connecting with others, along with the right way of how we should approach and establish networks.   Some of his advice centered on choosing the people you would like to meet – for the right reasons – and making that a goal for us to achieve.  This year I started to think of people I really would love to meet the most and why.

  1. Richard Branson: Sir Richard amazes me from a business and personal perspective.  He is the epitome of entrepreneurship and overcoming challenges.   He is the person I would love to meet most and just listen.
  2. Gene Simmons: I have had dreams for years of hanging out with Gene.  As one of the founding members of KISS, Simmons knows marketing and the power of branding.  He has a great business mind.
  3. Jesse James: Custom choppers, cool merch and a kick ass attitude…what’s not to love?  Jesse James is one of those guys who doesn’t give a rip about the outcome as long as he is creating something he is passionate about.   I totally dig that!
  4. Tim Howard: Tim is a Christian and a world class goalkeeper (my favorite soccer position) who has Tourrette Syndrome.   I am simply amazed at how he has dealt with TS and overcome challenges to be where he is today.  He is a guy I would love to know personally as a friend.
  5. Anne Jackson: Anne’s blog,, just rocks!  She speaks what is on her mind and is very passionate about helping those in poverty.  I admire her ability to be transparent and real, especially in the church world.
  6. Chris Guillebeau: The Art of Nonconformity is enough to grab anyone’s attention!  Chris is living his dream and doing awesome stuff.  He travels the world, writes about life design, and unconventional work.  I’ve got to connect with this guy.
  7. Von Glitschka: The Vonster is an illustrator and designer who has been doing some really cool stuff for quite a while.  I like his artwork and creativity and he is living the dream I once had as a young artist.  I think we could do some serious brain-storming.

Of course I realize that meeting all these great people is a long shot but I believe it’s worth shooting for.  Now I have to make my plan on just how to do it.  Maybe my first step is meeting Keith Ferrazzi for personal advice!

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