Pursuing Any Dream Requires Risk

A dream without any action is just a dream.

I have a very good friend who dreams about launching his own business. He’s extremely talented and has much to contribute in his field. Every time we talk, the topic of entrepreneurship comes up. He says he is ready to test the waters and it’s only a matter of time before he takes the leap. But a year has passed and he hasn’t even dipped his toe into the pool. The truth is that my friend has become too comfortable with the security of a corporate job. He’s not ready for the risk.

I understand that a regular paycheck and health benefits isn’t easy or simple to give up. Times are tough and the economy is still in turmoil. If you are in debt or not fully prepared for the entrepreneurial roller coaster ride, then doing the safe thing makes sense. Heck, it’s even smart. The problem is that there is never a perfect time to pursue your dream because there will always be a risk involved.

A dream will never become reality without taking the risk to make it real.

We can talk all day about how we want to change our lives or how this will be the year we launch our new company, but unless we are willing to take steps forward, we will never achieve our desires. Could there be failure ahead? Absolutely! Will people question your sanity? Of course. There is always some risk in pursuing anything great. The question is will you set aside that fear and go for it anyways.

In the case of my friend, he has said that his days at his company are numbered. There is downsizing and outsourcing continually going on. This is the perfect time to get his feet in the water, but if he waits too long that pool of water may dry up.

Take the first step today

You probably have a clear idea of what you have always wanted to do or a project you want to start or a non-profit you hope to launch. You will run into adversity, no doubt about that. Now embrace it! Once you know that there will be challenges ahead, the more you can accept the idea of moving forward.

Go ahead. It’s your time. Forget the risk and say goodbye to regret. Carpe Diem!

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