Prioritizing Your Passions – Part 3

Now that you have had the opportunity to discover your passions and made a great step by just writing them down, you are ready to start the process of choosing and prioritizing the passions you want to pursue first.

If you’re like me, you may have filled several pages with the things you want to do and that’s awesome!  The reality though is that the more ideas you have, the more you will need to prioritize or eliminate.  The way I did this was that I did an informal analysis of what really was important and what wasn’t burning issues for my life.  An example is that I wanted to start some businesses, but the main reason wasn’t that I loved the product or service but the ability to make money.  Making money isn’t a bad focus but doing something ONLY for it was.  I scratched them off or made them a low priority.

I once read a quote that said “there are good things and there are God things…the focus  should be on the God things.”  Now I know some people might not be Christian or believe in God, but the principle is that we do have passions that are worthy of our time and others that aren’t in the grand scheme of things.  It’s about first priorities and this is what will help you with the next step – Planning for Your Passions.


  1. Review ALL of your ideas and place a priority rating on each item.  I recommend a numbering system, 1-3, with one being the highest.  Base your rating on these questions:
  • Is this something I need to do or want to do?
  • Is this idea based on the right or wrong motives?
  • Is this passion something I have dreamed about personally or based on other people’s ideas?
  • Can I see myself doing this everyday and will it excite me to get out of bed?
  • Will this idea keep me going even when the times are tough?
  • Will I sacrifice everything I can to achieve it?

Once this is finished (remember you can always change them or pursue the lower ones later) then you’re ready to begin planning and which we’ll talk about in part four of this series.

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