Print Marketing – The Secrets to Crazy Good Printed Promotions

Where’s your marketing? Have you gone totally digital? While we are known for our digital marketing that’s not the only pony in our show – and it shouldn’t be in yours either. Print marketing has not gone out of style…not by a long shot.

If you thought print marketing was dead, it’s time to think again. Even if your business is run entirely online, printed material is still quite relevant.

Making the connection with print marketing.

The secret to creating printed material that stimulates, captivates, and educates is making absolutely sure that it is steeped in your brand and company values. Why? So it will attract people that will connect with you and become loyal customers.

When you have a clear picture of how you want (and need) to portray your brand and business, your next step is telling the reader how they can benefit from your product or service.

Can I help you?

Similar to digital marketing and an age old truism, is that just touting your features is not enough. People want to know how they can be helped. How will they benefit from your product? Conveying that in your print marketing is the most important thing you can do.

It's more than telling features. Successful marketing gets personal in how your product helps the user. Click To Tweet

Let’s break it down with a couple easy examples.

“Our windows are energy efficient,” is telling a feature. “Our windows mean a warmer home in the winter and a reduced heating bill” expresses a result of what your product can do for the reader. Now you’ve connected in a way that people can relate.

Print Marketing Benefits

For good measure, let’s use another example, one that almost everyone can relate to. Everyone wants to be physically fit. But most people do not really want to put in the hard work that it takes.

No one really wants to purchase a grueling, intensive workout program…but they do want to look great at the beach. Go with the benefit.

Features tell but benefits sell.


Design is key in print marketing.

Your print marketing success depends on several things. Your copywriting, colors, style, logo, and layout of your graphics all play important roles. Combined they create your total brand. All those things are part of your visual identity. They should always be at the front of your mind when you are crafting your print marketing.

Be consistent with your message.

If your business is elegant and sophisticated and aimed at high-end clientele, you better look that way across all of your channels. Having a website that looks cultured and classy and a printed brochure that says zany and cute is a recipe for disaster.

Printed Marketing

If your brand identity switches personality like a chameleon, your print marketing won’t be nearly as successful as if viewers feel the same emotions no matter where they see your brand.

Chameleon marketing doesn't work. Viewers must feel the same emotions wherever they see your brand. Click To Tweet

Copywriting for print marketing.

Make sure your copywriting voice is consistent in all of your media. Your tone should always reflect a mix of your personality, business image, and perhaps most importantly, how you want your customers to feel.

Simply put, your brochures, business cards, direct mail, and even white papers should all deliver the same message, even when their purpose is to perform different tasks.

So there you go. A few simple tweaks to make your print marketing the best it can be means your business can soar.

We’re here to help too. If you know that your time is best spent working on your actual business, let us take over the design and development of your print marketing. Contact us now to get started.

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