Poke This, Seth Godin!

Dear Seth Godin,

I have something I need to say to you. I’m sure that you’ll likely never read this or that I’ll even be a blip on your radar, but publicly I will share my thoughts. You have written many books that have challenged us to be Purple Cows or to tell great authentic stories. You have given advice about making it through “The Dip” and encouraged people to know when it’s time to quit. Heck, you even taught us that Small is the New Big.  Now, you are prodding us to Poke the Box.

I wonder what your mind goes through on a daily basis and how you develop the ideas that you teach or “sell us” on. When I first heard of you and started to read your material years ago, I thought you had lost your mind … that you were insane to propose such ridiculous ideas as sneezers, zooming, or memes – abstract ideas that I couldn’t relate to. And now I believe I have figured you out: you’re really a madman genius!

You’re latest encouragement to take risks and fail has pushed me over the edge. I am shipping my ideas and looking forward to failing AND succeeding. I know that people who achieve their dreams or have success are the ones who aren’t afraid to get their ideas out into the public.  It really isn’t about perfection but performance.  So I am not asking for permission anymore, I am leaving the starting line!

Mr. Godin, thanks for all of the ideas you’ve shared over the years (crazy as some may be) – and I hope one day I too will inspire others like you have – to poke and to ship their stuff.

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