Please Be Kind and Respond

I wrote a Facebook status recently that may have ruffled a few feathers. It’s a topic that I believe that needs to be addressed so I’m going to share it with you today because it applies to both your personal and your professional life.

Please Be Kind and Respond.

We live in a very busy, always on culture. Our lives are more complicated than ever before. We work harder and longer. We see more tweets, status updates, and Instagram photos than we can possibly process every single day. We have more to do and not enough time to do it. And as sad as I think this has become, I get it. When I write the next few paragraphs, I want all of you to know that I understand the complexities of life.

Do you respond to people who reach out to you?

When a person sends you an email or a direct message or replies to your tweet, do you do your best to respond and acknowledge it? I know there are “rockstars” out there who guard their time or have more conversations directed at them than they could possibly deal with. But I’m not talking about the rockstars who have 50,000 followers or friends in the social media sphere (though sometimes they respond very well to fans online). I’m talking about the ordinary average guy or gal.

Lets be honest. Most of us check our Twitter feeds, emails, or other social media accounts a dozen times per day. We know when someone is talking to us because we have egos that make us want to see who cares about us. There’s nothing wrong with this. It feels great to be loved. The problem is when people don’t respond. How hard is it to acknowledge the person who reached out to you?

I believe it’s a common courtesy to make every effort to respond, even if it’s short and to the point. I dislike people who ignore my messages — especially if that person calls me a “friend” or we’ve connected in some personal way in the past. If we are friends, then you choosing not to respond tells me you don’t really care.

Do you want to be friends or not?

I prefer for people to be honest and upfront. If you no longer want to associate with me or be my friend, then tell me, but please don’t ignore me. That’s childish and immature. If I’ve done something to offend you, then let me know. I would rather know what’s wrong and try to make it right. If you’re simply too busy or not interested anymore, just say so.

Show Some Respect and Courtesy

Communication attempts can be missed at times and we may drop balls in responding to the people we know. Life happens. But when you just sent out a tweet asking for help and you respond to three other people and not me, that sucks. If I send you a message in Facebook and I can see that you’ve read the message and never respond, you’ve lost my respect. Show some respect and courtesy with a simple response. It’s that easy!

This may all sound petty to you, but to me it’s a big deal. I don’t like being ignored. Say anything but just say something. If you can’t give me that one courtesy after repeated attempts to connect with you, we can just call it done.

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