Planning for Your Passions – Part 4

Now that you’ve made a priority list of all the things you are passionate about doing, you are ready to make a plan to make them a reality!

Hopefully you’ll have a smaller list of number one priorities than the others because it can be overwhelming to work on all at the same time.  My recommendation is to get your focus down to three main priorities (or less) and keep your new progress manageable and tuned in to things you must do right now.  Remember you can always do the others but it’s best to eat the elephant one bite at a time.

The next step is taking those passions you must do now and break them into smaller tasks for completing them.  Here is a real example for I am personally working on.

My Passion:  Investing in churches through Church Communications Pro.

The Main Goal:
Helping churches to learn, use, and excel in church media tools that glorifies God and builds His Kingdom.

My Next Steps:

  • Retool the website and make it even easier for visitors to use by incorporating a top post section, a ‘getting started’ section, and graphic design changes.
  • Write one quality post per week and set it up for delivery on Wednesdays.
  • Interview church planters on how they have used technology for building their church.
  • Interview our sponsors about their services and products.
  • Outline a Church Communications Pro webinar on branding and social media essentials.

My love for Jesus compels me to help churches with the knowledge and experience He has blessed me with and I want to give back.  One way this can be achieved is through the awesome opportunity Cory has given me with CCP.  However, this opportunity isn’t enough – I have to take the “Next Steps” in order to achieve the main goal which is stated above. Please note that it’s EXTREMELY BENEFICIAL to write a few specific smaller steps than to make a huge list of general steps.


  1. Create a new page in your notebook and list the top three passions you must do right now.
  2. Write down the main goal for each of those passions so you know the overall purpose.
  3. Write down your next steps for achieving those goals, keeping it short and manageable.  Once you cross those off, add new ones as needed until you feel you have reached your desired outcome or passion.

In the next and final post, we’ll talk about Protecting Your Passions and why you need to make sure to keep them scheduled into your life and committed to making them happen.

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