Landing Page Copywriting

Are You Paying Attention to Your Landing Page Copywriting?

So you’ve gone on your merry way and have an awesome landing page with impressive graphics and pretty pictures. But have you spent as much time on your landing page copywriting?

Many aspects of digital marketing, like website and landing page design seem completely out of reach for businesses to do on their own. But for some reason many companies think that their landing page copywriting should be able to be taken care of in-house.

After all, how hard can it be? You know your products or services and how great they are. But turning that into persuasive words that convert leads to sales is not that simple. It is an art form that is equally as important as your pretty pictures.

Never underestimate the power of great landing page copywriting.

Landing Page Copywriting is the Beginning of a Beautiful Relationship

Your landing page copywriting is most likely the first glimpse into your business and brand. You only have a few seconds to impress … so it better be extraordinary and something that makes them anxious to read more.

No matter how your traffic arrived on your landing page, be it social media posts, organic search, pay per click, or banner ads, you are invested in each and every visitor to your website.

It would be a damn shame to waste your hard-earned leads because of poor landing page copywriting.

The Structure and Foundation for your Pages

In order to provide the best possible results, your landing page has to have the proper foundation to eloquently capture your brand.

What is needed to build a landing page foundation?

  • Brand voice consistency
  • Clean and succinct mannerism
  • Lead the reader to the next step in the sales cycle

Behind the Scenes of the Landing Page Copy

You’ve probably heard all the buzz words like “keywords”, “SEO”, and “metadata”. But do you really know the importance of them? What do they do in the background?

What the visitor sees on a landing page is only a mere fraction of what is happening on the page. Great landing page copywriting is not only written for the reader. It must also be written with the search engines in mind.

A well-trained copywriter knows how to do the necessary research and how to incorporate it in the right language that flows. This optimized language tells the search engine crawlers what is important and where they should rank in search results.

It might look simple on the outside but landing page copywriting plays a much bigger role than meets the eye.

How to have Killer Copy that Converts

First let’s concentrate on the goal.

You more than likely think that your landing page copywriting has but one simple goal and that is to convert leads to sales. And you aren’t wrong. But taking things a step further, it means that you need to make it tremendously desirable to complete the form or whatever your call to action may be.

The Buttons

Most landing pages have a CTA button. Does yours say “Buy Now”? Sure, that is a call to action. But is it good enough? The few words that are on a button are extremely important. Choose them wisely.

Start with an action word like discover, experience, learn, or enjoy. Then follow that verb with an offer they can’t refuse. Like these:

  • Discover Financial Freedom
  • Enjoy a Free Vacation
  • Experience the Joys of being Pain Free

Test and Test Again

If your landing page copywriting is not converting as well as expected it doesn’t always mean that your copy is wrong. It could be a technical issue. Is your page loading quickly? Is it responsive on all devices?

But once you’ve eliminated those pesky techy problems look at some A/B testing. You might be too wordy. Get rid of everything that doesn’t relate to the action you desire. Make sure you are telling the prospect how you can help then, not how great you are.

If a landing page is in your near future, be sure to give your landing page copywriting its due diligence. A great copywriter is worth their weight in gold. Copywriting done right can pay for itself many times over in conversions.

I’m standing by ready to provide you with awesome copywriting that converts. Put it in action now with our copywriting services.

Photo by Burst from Pexels