No Magical Headline Here. Just A Moment of Truth.

It’s not to often that I really say what’s on my mind or share personal stuff, but this is one of those posts where I think I want to do exactly that.

This year I am turning 40, and even though my wife in her endless wisdom believes it’s just another number, I have found it quite difficult to deal with so far.  My mind continues to wrap itself around the reality that so much time has already passed and that if I am blessed with another 40 years, I don’t want to screw that up.

There are so many things that I want to do and complete.  Stuff I know I will regret if I just let these ideas or days pass by.  When my dad passed away unexpectedly at the age of 51, one of the last things he said was “it is amazing how to we take a breath of air for granted.”

I don’t want to take anything in life for granted…

My kids are now teenagers and moving closer to flying the nest.  My wife has invested her love and life in me for almost 19 years now.  My mom is getting older.  I have “known” for 10 years that life moves fast and all of a sudden it’s like a hard realization has hit me.  I have taken so many things for granted because I’ve had the wrong focus.  Now I am thinking of my legacy and what I have done that really matters.

It’s time for me to re-prioritize.  It’s time for me to stop procrastinating on things I’ve wanted to accomplish for years.  It’s time to embrace that there is a new season of my life on the horizon and that I must not take anything for granted.  Decisions have been made and there is more to come…

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