Is LinkedIn Marketing Right for Your Business?

LinkedIn marketing is a new trend that many businesses and marketers have been eyeing, with some amount of skepticism.

The comprehensive Marketing Solutions Portfolio promises to help boost business, nurture leads, and build new relationships by leveraging their unmatched professional network.

But is LinkedIn marketing right for you? If so, which products are a good fit?

We’ll start by pointing out that while these services are certainly not exclusively for B2B marketers, they lend themselves well to B2B initiatives because you can reach other professionals and access a wealth of information about what they do and how they do business that’s not available anywhere else.

For those working from a B2B model, let’s take a look at what LinkedIn marketing options there are and how LinkedIn marketing may help you build your business on a professional landscape.

Sponsored Updates

What they are: native advertising visible across desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

What they do: Enhance exposure to spark new conversations, drive new, more qualified leads thanks to advanced targeting options, and ensure viewing and exposure to attract new followers. You are also able to set your own budget and save with a cost-per-click payment method. This means that you’re only paying for ads when people actually engage with them.

This form of LinkedIn marketing is also a great way to test your messaging and content to discover what’s resonating and what isn’t.

Display Ads

What they are: targeted digital ads

What they do: Similar to sponsored updates, display ads have a few key differences.

They can be displayed to a wider audience and will show up not only in the LinkedIn feed, but also on the sidebar or at the top of the profile page, more like traditional digital ad placement.

They’re also not limited to LinkedIn’s website, and will serve ads on a variety of other webpages based on users selected through LinkedIn’s platform.

Sponsored InMails

What they are: Targeted, paid InMails delivered in real time

What they do: Positioned as a better solution to traditional email marketing tactics, Sponsored InMails are mainly used for prospect nurturing. They offer personalized content sent directly to a user’s inMail. Targeted and mobile-optimized, Sponsored InMails are delivered in real-time, when users are actually logged in and actively using LinkedIn.

Text Ads

What they are: Pay Per Click (PPC) ads

What they do: Text ads are easy to create yourself and on your own budget. Setup similarly to Google Adwords, text ads are a simple, approachable way to manage your marketing efforts yourself with minimal risk and cost to you.

Lead Accelerator

What it is: Integrated lead-capturing & nurturing platform

What it does: As indicated by its name, the Lead Accelerator is focused on quality lead generation. Lead Accelerator uses other features like Display Ads and social advertising to nurture existing prospects (both known and anonymous) across the web (not limited to LinkedIn).

With Lead Accelerator, LinkedIn claims that you will be able to hyper-target your “highest-value” audiences – both ones that you currently know as well as new leads. This service is advanced because it creates customized sequences of relevant messaging across social, display and Sponsored Updates, to help drive them through the entire sales cycle, from a cold lead to a buyer.

Lead Accelerator can be purchased on a subscription basis and includes the cost of media, platform access, and analytics.

What does it cost?

For Display and Text ads, the cost is really up to you, as you are able to determine your own budget. For any other features, LinkedIn requires you to reach out to them directly to learn more about the pricing of LinkedIn Marketing.

Want to add something you know about LinkedIn marketing here? Let us know below.

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