Life is not ALL about you!

Our country, the United States, has become such a consumer driven, all about me society that it truly makes me sad. Every day I experience at least one event that makes me wonder if this is the best we can offer.

  • We are told in lifestyle blogs that we should have all of our dreams come true. Even if it means quitting our jobs and going broke.
  • We are sold in advertisements that we deserve that 60″ plasma TV or new Chevy Camaro. Even if it means going into debt.
  • We are given the idea that we are entitled to a handout. Even if it means sitting on our butts and doing nothing to get it.
  • We are indoctrinated that life revolves around us. Even if it means running red lights to get to a job we hate or pushing people out of the fast food line to feed our grossly obese bodies.

The saddest part of all of this is that it is NO DIFFERENT for Christianity.

Jesus said that in order to follow Him that we must give up our desires for self and the things of the world. This doesn’t mean we can’t want or enjoy some of the “rewards” of life as we might know it, but that we shouldn’t place these desires above all else. We shouldn’t believe that life is all about us!

Yet I see these things happening in our churches and Christian circles…

  • People talk throughout worship when you are supposed to be worshipping God. Yet you can STILL be heard above the rock band sized amps.
  • Spouses give up on their marriages because they want a younger, leaner, richer, more firm model of mate. Even though it destroys families and vows not meant to be broken.
  • Families purchasing way more junk than they truly need. Even if it means high debt and not giving to their church.
  • Church members not stepping up to serve because their weekends and golf days are too important. Even though other people serve to ensure THEIR kids have a babysitter each week or have opportunities they might not have.
  • Pastors or church leaders shamelessly promoting their accomplishments or agendas through the Church. Even though Christ said he who wants to be the first, should be the last.

Now let me say this as gently as possible. Life is not ALL about you and whatever you want. Sometimes you need to put other’s needs, other priorities, or other principles first. Christian or not. This country and our world would be a better place if we all do.

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