Learn What NOT to Do by Doing It!

Sometimes the most effective way to discover what you shouldn’t be doing is by actually doing it. Think about it.

When you take on projects or clients that end up being a nightmare, you learn you don’t want do those things ever again. The same goes for when you put your hand on a hot stove. Pain or bad experiences teach us to avoid unpleasant situations. It doesn’t matter if you chose to do it or it happened by accident – what matters is that you find out what you want to do again or not do again.

This is why it’s important to fail and fail often.

I’ve been failing a lot lately through testing programs and promotions (e.g. March Madness Blog Special = #HUGEFAIL) or by working with clients I KNEW I shouldn’t have said yes to. But this has all been instrumental in helping me define exactly what I will spend my time on in the future. It’s given me the ability to say no to projects or ideas that I once thought would be worthwhile.

So go out today and do something. Fail. Learn what NOT to do by DOING it. Experience is the best teacher!

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