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Today was a blast as Cory Miller and I had the privilege of speaking to the web media students at the Francis Tuttle Technology Center in Oklahoma City.  We did a session called “Starting a Successful Freelance Design Business” and hit on many key points that will help any student or entrepreneur who is thinking about freelancing for their career.  We also had our friend Terrell Sanders tape the whole session and we will be making it available on DVD and audio once we complete the editing next week.

The best thing for me is that my goal and passion has always been giving back and investing in young people starting out on their career journey.  It is very rewarding to impart your wisdom (successes and failures) in the effort to help people from making the same mistakes you did.  I’d like to give a big thanks to Christy Whitfield who is the Web Design & Development Instructor who gave us the opportunity to share our wisdom.

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