Imitation is The Best Form of Flattery

You’ve possibly heard that saying. We should be flattered when a business or a person emulates what we do. For the most part, I agree. It’s a good feeling when you see your competitor imitating your business model, sales copy, marketing strategy, or even your design style or branding. This means you ARE doing something right.

However, being copied is also extremely frustrating, especially when the other business following stealing from you is bigger and well funded. They have the opportunity to take YOUR message and ideas and make them happen more quickly and on a larger scale. And they usually get the credit for something they did not develop or create themselves. I personally think businesses that do this are lazy, bottom feeders in a cesspool of poor business ethics. It’s one thing to borrow ideas and then build them into your own, but it’s another to just plagiarize or copy an idea directly from your competition.

I like that a business appreciates my work or my words enough to want to use it, and I do at times encourage people to take my stuff and not reinvent the wheel, but please just don’t flat out take it and call it your own if you did nothing to it.

How would you feel, or what would you do, if this happened to you?


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