If I Died Today Would It Matter?

If I died today, would it matter?

This is a heavy question that I’ve been asking myself the past few days. I’ve not fixated on it for any morbid reason or because I’m fishing to see how many people would come to my funeral to see me off (for what it’s worth, I’m planning one hell of a crazy celebration so get your tickets early). The reason I’ve had this question burning in my mind is because I want to know if my life has made a difference.

My Church Planting Days

You might be scratching your head on this one, but for those of you who don’t know, I’m a failed church planter. Over ten years ago I wanted to start a new church that would reach people who “didn’t fit in.” I wanted to create a community of people who felt loved no matter what they had done or where they had been. I dreamed of seeing people’s lives changed because this new church truly cared more about relationships and love than religious laws or carpet color.

I was accepted into the Acts 29 Network and I started my journey into church planting and training that would equip me for the road ahead. In one of my training sessions, a question was posed about the effectiveness our church should have in our community. This question has never left me and it can be applied to several situations.

If your church closed it’s doors in the community today, would it matter?

It was just as profound and full of meaning to me then as it is today. The reason is because I believe that so many churches get caught up focusing on the wrong stuff and if they were to close their doors, no one would really notice or no one would care. It’s very sad to me. But this sort of question also applies to our lives or our businesses.

If I Died Today Would it Matter?

These three words are epic in my mind. I’ve thought about whether I’ve truly made a difference in people’s lives. Maybe it’s because as I get older I am less concerned with the frivolous ideas and dreams of my youth and instead have become more concerned with leaving a legacy.

  • Did I stop long enough in my journey to build important relationships and really invest in other people?
  • Did I create and build a business that made a difference for people other than myself?
  • Did I focus on the right ideals or battles or opinions … or did I just pee into the wind?
  • Did I put people over profits, choosing to give freely rather than be consumed by chasing money?
  • Did I honor my promises and commitments to the best of my ability?

Answering these four questions makes my stomach turn because I know I’ve really failed at all of them. If I died today, I’m not sure how I would be remembered or what my legacy would be. My goal and my hope is that I would have left this world a better place, personally and professionally, with the time I had on this planet.

So I am trying to have the courage to “rebrand myself” and get it right. It’s going to take some work and focus because I have a lot of bad habits and faults, but it’s worth it to me at this stage in my life. I want all aspects of my life to have mattered.

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