I’d Rather Be Broke than to Sell My Soul

Money has a strange way of influencing people.

The lust for money can be so strong that we’re willing to compromise on our beliefs or our values in order to grab a hold of that Almighty Dollar. We might neglect our family or friends because we have to work to get ahead.

Sometimes we trade our freedom and a healthy lifestyle in order to achieve that six or seven figure income. It can be easy to give away your soul for something temporary and fleeting. I’ve even done it.

My Soul Was Once for Sale

I don’t like playing by the rules of others and I’ve never been one to embrace the status quo. Yet years ago, I was willing to trade my soul for money and industry recognition. I felt that I had deserved it and had paid more than enough of my dues. I became extremely jealous and angry of people that I knew who were wildly successful — so much that I secretly wished for their failures.

My drive for money and success became so consuming that I was willing to do whatever it took to rise to the top, even if it meant compromising on certain values I held dearly. And because of my insatiable appetite for my desires, I started to get what I wanted. Thank goodness that was going to change.

Beaten Down and Refined by The Fire

Sometimes the best situations we can experience are the hardships in life. No one in their right mind ever wants to endure painful circumstances, but it’s in these moments that we can be molded and shaped into something better. Fire has a way of removing the impurities and making us stronger. I definitely needed refinement.

My dream was ripped out from underneath me and I hated it. I had to start over with a small handful of hope and a whole lot of bitterness. Why would this happen to me? I had worked so hard to build something I loved and now it was gone. What I learned through my hardship was this…

I was madly in love with the wrong things.

My focus was all wrong. I turned away from the things I valued like my faith and my family. I didn’t care about my health. All I wanted was fame and fortune and my life suffered because of it. What I finally realized was that money would never bring me happiness. Industry recognition would never provide the satisfaction that my family and friends could offer. True joy in life only comes from being connected to the things I honestly value, not the things that are fleeting and temporary.

Don’t Sell Your Soul

The reason I am sharing this is because I see the same look and desire in the eyes of people around me. I hear them speak or read their words online. It’s hauntingly familiar. I don’t want them to sell their souls.

Today I can honestly say that I would rather be broke than to sell my soul for those things I once desired. My dad used to say “if you can’t be happy with nothing, you can’t be happy with something.” It has taken me a lot of pain to understand this truth and I don’t want my friends or the people I know to forfeit their soul for money or fame. It just isn’t worth the cost.

The happy ending to this story is that I’ve discovered you can experience great joy by shedding what the world tells us we need to have in order to be successful. I have learned the secret of being content. And I want that for you as well.

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