I Love Being an Entrepreneur!

Starting and running a business is a very difficult journey.  There is nothing romantic about wearing all the hats and dealing with challenges such as getting business and finding creative ways to pay the bills.   It can be overwhelming trying to make the right decisions on services or products or deciding when it’s time to hire or fire personnel…but I absolutely love it!

There is something infectious about being an entrepreneur and building a dream that you or your team developed.   I totally dig the challenge of creating and making something work and have found when I am not exploring new business ideas or innovations, I actually feel unhappy.  It’s almost a sickness.

If you are thinking about jumping into your own small business or becoming an entrepreneur, I want to encourage you to look before you leap — but if you discover that your heart and soul screams with this desire to go “all in” whether you win or lose, then get ready for the ride and enjoy it for all it’s worth.

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Recommended Reading: If you are thinking about entrepreneurship I highly recommend reading The E-Myth by Michael Gerber.  This book really helped shape my idea about small business and working on my business and not in it.

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