One Word That Will Grow Your Business

Today I had a conversation with a wonderful friend who is very talented in WordPress theme customizations and online training. She has a dream of building a successful business and making a living doing what she loves to do. There is no doubt that she can do it — she has ALL the skills required to be a success and she does a fantastic job of working with clients. But there is just one lack of action holding her back. It’s a word that other aspiring business owners need to sear into their minds.


The word hustle means to obtain by energetic activity. It requires you to sell or promote your business aggressively. Hustling can’t be done without action.

So many potential entrepreneurs don’t understand that sales will never take place unless you are willing to get out there and make your opportunities happen. Clients won’t flock to you just because you have a great website or outdoor sign. You build a business by getting in front of people and sharing with them how your service or product will bring value to them. You will risk rejection and challenging times, but I can guarantee you that you’ll never achieve success by hoping people will find you and want what you offer.

Hustle today. Hustle tomorrow.

You also have to continually and constantly hustle your service or product in the marketplace.

Think of it as pushing a compact car down your street. You push a little and the car moves a little. If you keep pushing hard, eventually the vehicle gains momentum and reduces your effort. Maybe at some point, you build up enough speed to let it roll on its own for a short distance. However, you will always need to give it a push to keep it going or you will end back up at square one.

That’s what you have to do. You hustle day in and day out.

Do the Hustle!

I am very proud of my wife. She is generating great results from her Scentsy business. Over a year ago she started in Direct Sales. Donetta is introverted, has no business background, and chose a business model that gets a lot of bad press. The first six months she tried but it didn’t really work. Then she got super motivated and tried something new. She started to hustle.

The last six months she has had incredible sales, found an amazing friend who joined the business, and earned an all expense paid trip (hopefully to Hawaii or Costa Rica). She booked ten parties in January – a month that is normally the worst time for consultants. Donetta obtained all these achievements by energetically promoting her business and sharing it with others.

And here is the deal. You can achieve success as well!

I want to encourage you to start hustling today. Stop thinking about how you will go out there and get business and start doing it. Get in front of people. Make connections. Ask for the sale. Hustle your butt off. Then do it again tomorrow and the next day.

Opportunities don’t just happen. They are made.

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