How Launching a Business is Like Flying from the Nest

Have you ever had the privilege of watching a momma bird build a nest, lay her eggs, hatch and raise her babies, and then work the, through the process of leaving the nest? I have many times and it’s always fascinating how the momma bird nudges out one baby at a time onto a tree limb and into a new journey. You can tell the young ones are scared by their crying chirps and that they are hesitant to make that first leap by their reactions to the mom, but when they finally do make that jump to the ground, they experience a great new life of freedom.

It’s also a similar type of process when you raise and send out your own child. For years we have raised our kids, nurtured them the best we could, and done all we can to prepare them for their journey in life. And this past week, we experienced the first flight from our nest when my beautiful daughter – my dear princess – moved out from home and into her own great life of freedom. This was both an exciting and sad time in our house.

As “D-Day” approached on our calendars, I watched how Kayla prepared for this momentous leap in her life. She exhibited a WIDE RANGE of emotions such as happiness, excitement, joy, fear, and uncertainty. She also worked very hard to save her money and spent with frugality to get the items she needed for her new home.

Kayla also planned for the coming months when she resumes college life and and pursues her passion in music. For a young girl, she has done an amazing job in preparing for the road ahead … and done way better than I did when I “fell out” of the nest at my age. I am very proud of her!

Leaving the Nest is Just Like Launching a Business

When you start to dream of launching a business you experience a broad range of emotions. You can be overwhelmed with excitement with the idea of being free, yet also feel extremely paralyzed as you prepare to make that leap. You have to be prudent in how you spend your money and practice restraint from trying to buy everything you might want for your new company. Starting a business requires planning and thinking through the unlimited options as well. And it always requires flight.

You can’t launch a business if you never leave the nest. You have to get out on a limb despite all the odds against you and then you must fly. There is no other way to test your wings and experience the freedoms you have in front of you unless you are willing to go. The journey might be filled with pains and challenges, but you will never know until you try.

If you’ve been holding on to a business idea or dream, then I want to gently nudge you and encourage you to spread your wings and fly today.

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