Happy Birthday to My Buddy. I Love You!

Sixteen years ago, August 8th, the Lord blessed us with an amazing boy named Tyler. I remember the day he was born and the feeling of pure excitement of finally having a son. My boy is something else and I never dreamed the fun we would have over the years.

Let the battles begin…

Tyler and I have played hundreds of battles with G.I. Joe and Star Wars figures. We’ve fought through some tough wars with Nerf guns and had some really epic light saber duals. There have been plenty of wrestling matches and karate fights – and we’ve even managed to play a “few” video games too! Recently I got him hooked on shooting and knife collecting. These are some of the guy things I will always cherish.

But some of my best memories with my son have been the deep conversations we’ve had about life or watching him become a better soccer player than I was at his age. There are the younger years where we played with Lion King toys, sang karaoke, and perfected the art of making crazy faces. All of these moments are golden to me and ones I”l never forget.

An amazing and talented young man.

Tyler makes me laugh. He has a witty sense of humor that cracks up our entire family and it’s incredible how he can make things up on the fly. He is a great soccer player and tattoo artist (OK, he doesn’t actually do tattoos yet, but he can draw some cool designs). He’s also extremely smart about so many things. The best thing about Tyler though is that he has great character for a sixteen year old and I couldn’t be more proud of him. My boy has brought me inexpressible joy … even when he kicks my butt on xBox and smarts off when I yell at the controller.

Happy 16th Birthday to My Buddy!

I love you very much (can I say that here without embarrassing you) and I am very proud to be your dad. There are many things I could continue to write but ultimately I’ll just say that I thank God every day for you and wouldn’t change a single thing. You are awesome. But even so, today I will take you down on the xBox, even if I have to dismantle your controller to do it! Love you bud.

– Daddio

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