Happy Anniversary to My Beautiful Bride!

Words cannot express the love that I have for my wife!

I remember our first kiss on the dance floor at our high school dance.  I had recently graduated but I had decided to go watch a high school football game with a friend when I saw the love of my life sitting in the bleachers and knew she was the one.  We were already friends so we sat there talking and catching up, and when she went to the concession stands with her friends, I asked my buddy if he thought I should take a chance on her.  He told me that I would never have a chance for winning a girl like that.  Sure I was crushed but I was also undeterred.

After the game was over she asked us to come to the dance the school was having.  Of course I would, even though when I dance I look like a spastic fish flopping out of water, but this was my time and opportunity to ask her to be mine.  We had a couple of slow dances and then came the special one.  I remember the song –The Flame by Cheap Trick – and looking into those amazing and beautiful blue eyes before we kissed each other.  Then the song was over as quickly as it started.  I couldn’t wait any longer and took the risk to ask her to be my girlfriend and sweetheart.  She was so soft spoken and kind –when she rejected me and lovingly said she wasn’t interested in a boyfriend or commitment at that time.  My friend was so caring to remind me on the trip back home that he had told me so.  Thanks brother!

All was not lost however and a week later destiny would have it’s course.

My 18th birthday party was the week after my self-inflicted wound and my ex-girlfriend thought it would be cool to show up with the girl who shot me down, but despite the pain, I was still head over heels to see “the love of my life” again.  I don’t know what happened in that week but she asked to speak with me privately and told me that she had changed her mind and really did want to be my committed girlfriend.  I can’t tell you how much excitement we had and how this day changed my life.  Three months later I knelt down, ring in hand, and asked her to marry me…she said YES!

We have now been married 18 years today and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

There are times why I have wondered why she said yes and why she has put up with me this long.  We’ve had to come through some fiery trials and difficult challenges; she has given me so much grace and love.  I’ve promised her a “honeymoon cruise” for our anniversary every year but never had the finances to do so and yet she still loves me even though I continually have to say “maybe next year.” She never asks for much and always gives way more than I do and she is so amazing in her faith.  I really do love this woman, the girl of my dreams, and I am thankful to God each and every day that we get to spend together.

Thank you to my beautiful bride of 18 years.  I love you more than words can express.  Happy Anniversary!

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