Graphic Design Inspiration – 5 Ways to Get your Creative Juices Flowing

Feeling inspired? Sometimes even the most creative individuals draw a blank when they need some graphic design inspiration.

Creativity comes and goes. You can design your most spectacular work one day and then the next rack your brain for hours and come up with nada.

So what do professional graphic designers do when they need to come up with a brilliant design but their brains just aren’t cooperating?

graphic design inspiration

Here are a few different things to try to help you find inspiration for your next project.

5 Best Ways to Find Graphic Design Inspiration

Make an Appointment with Mother Nature

Artists and designers have been drawing inspiration from the great outdoors for centuries and there is no reason it can’t work for you. Get up from behind your desk and take a trip outdoors.

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Color from a gorgeous sunset, the reflections in bodies of water, the texture of a tree’s bark, and the different shades of color on birds are just a few environment items that can arouse your imagination.

Spy on your competitors

There’s nothing wrong with checking out what your competition is doing. Of course, you don’t want to copy their work but it can do a lot to spark your creative side. Build on those ideas and make your own brand spanking new design.

You don’t have to be a detective to see what your competition is up to. Here are a few ways to check them out … and be inspired.

  • Go to tradeshows and conventions
  • Ask your vendors what’s happening with their clients
  • Troll Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Check out Slideshare
  • Look through direct mail you’ve received

Take a trip back in time

Looking forward for innovative and new ideas is great. But sometimes looking back in history is a big benefit. You’re not the first graphic designer to create a logo, poster, banner ad, or website. Older examples of design, taken from history, can make for some fresh and exciting designs.  Add your own updated flourish and you have a recipe for success.

Retro Graphic Design

Retro and vintage designs are pretty popular right now too. Use that history to your advantage.

Be inspired by the best of the best

Every industry has its own most well-known and respected talent. When you need graphic design inspiration, motivating yourself by seeing the work of the best in action can be absolutely riveting!

Let’s take a look at a few of the cream of the crop in the graphic design world.

Alex Trochut. We’re sure you know Coca Cola (check out that design here), Absolut vodka, and The New York Times. Well, Alex’s “more is more” motto has provided design for these big shot brands.

Paula Scher. She’s one of our generation’s most creative designers and her branding and identity work can be seen by her work for clients like Microsoft, the New York City Ballet, and the NYC Transit.

Milton Glaser. He’s iconic. If you don’t recognize his name you most certainly will recognize his work. Glaser created the DC Comics logo used till 2005, and the Brooklyn Brewery logo. And by the way, he also cofounded the New York Magazine.

Take it offline

Sure you can scour the internet for graphic design inspiration. But there is oh so much more out there in the world of dazzling graphic design. Print magazines bring a bevy of inspiration and ideas. Don’t have any around? Go to the library or the closest newsstand or bookstore.

When you are examining a magazine, rest assured that you are more than likely viewing the work of the best in the graphic design industry. Print media isn’t what it used to be, so those that have survived are the best of the best.

Check out every single thing. Take note of different fonts used, colors, placements, and images.

So there you have it, some graphic design inspiration to get those creative juices flowing. What do you use for inspiration? Let us know in the comments section below.

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