Go Ahead … Fail!

I like to fail. Why?  Because when I fail, it means that I tried.

There are things that I’ve done that didn’t quite work out like I planned and there have been times where attempting a challenge may have made me look foolish. But I don’t care because it is better to try and fail than never try at all. This is one secret to being an entrepreneur and launching a business.

I talk with people all the time who tell me they are dying on the inside. They work in a career that makes them feel like they are in a death march to the weekend or they have a superior who robs their soul of all joy. Sometimes they’ve wanted to live a dream they hoped for since childhood. They want to do something so badly but don’t because of fear of the consequences.

You’ll never taste freedom or victory if you’re never willing to taste fear and failure.

There can be no other way to know if your business idea will work, if you’re book will sell, if you’re recipe is great, if you’re product is wanted, or whatever … unless you are willing to take a step forward and risk what you hold onto so dearly.

Stop making excuses and GO FOR IT TODAY!

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