Getting Through the Tough Times in Business

Being in business for yourself is filled with challenges and you will experience tough times.

Many people understand this, and they say they know it, but living through them is not as easy as our words may be spoken at times.  Some days you just feel like giving up. Days when you don’t see immediate results or you have people who can’t find any happiness unless they criticize you.  There are times where you feel completely alone or like no one gives a damn about your vision.  We may know these things will happen and the experience can be exhausting and even painful emotionally.

How do you and I get through these business challenges and tough times?

  • KEEP FOCUSED. If we truly believe that we have been called to start our business, then we must focus on doing all that we can in our control to keep pushing forward. Screw the stupid critics or external things we can’t control.  Let the bad things go.
  • STAY POSITIVE. There are always things that will suck the life out of us if we let them.  It doesn’t help you or your business to dwell on negative situations or circumstances.  Learn to look beyond them and know that “this too, shall pass.”
  • SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS. Find a few trusted people you know you can vent to or share your struggles (and even victories) with.  Be transparent and open up on blogs or forums you feel safe in.  If we are being honest, we all need help at times.
  • GET AWAY. Go for a walk, play Call to Duty Black Ops, beat up a punching bag, read an uplifting book, or take the weekend off – do whatever it takes to separate yourself from your business for just a little while.  Surprisingly you will find that you feel recharged and ready to tackle the problem after getting away.
  • DON’T QUIT! Realistically there may be a time where you have to evaluate throwing in the towel, but most people give up way too early in the fight.  Stick to your guns until you know without a shadow of a doubt that you need to give in … and even then, throw one more punch!

Starting and running your business will always be filled battles.  You will win some and you will lose some.  You’re gonna take blows that make you feel like you just can’t get back up BUT YOU CAN. Keep swinging until its really over!  Fight the good fight my friends!

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