Five Types of Leaders Not to Follow

There are people who are meant to be leaders and others to be followers, and there’s nothing wrong with being either as long as you are happy being in the camp you have chosen and you can do your best at it.  The world really does need passionate people doing both!  But there are some followers who should be the leaders because they have all the right stuff other than confidence and yet some confident leaders who should be followers because they suck at what they are doing.

My take is that I don’t mind following and serving as long as the leader can lead properly!

I am one of the most loyal people you will find and if you earn my trust and confidence I will go to the end of the Earth for you.  On the other hand, if you can’t figure your head out from your butt, then I have no interest in your idea or organization.  There are plenty of books on excellent leadership or what good leaders look like but I thought I would take a different approach and share what poor leadership or leaders look like – the ones we should not follow.

Glory Hog Leaders: This is the guy who gives himself all the glory and takes credit for the ideas and work of others.  He will stab you in the back at the first opportunity in order to stay in the spotlight.

Self Serving Leaders: This person serves only her needs and does everything for her own agenda and never in the interest of others.  She is the one who will push you out of the way and jump out the window first in a fire.

Dirty Diaper Leaders: These leaders are the ones who continually take a dump on others, the process, or the organization and make others clean up their crap time after time.  They refuse to learn from their messes or to be potty trained.

The Lost Leaders: These are the people in charge who mirror the TV series LOST.  You never know what to expect and every day provides a new twist or surprise.  These are the types who will never be able to leave the island.

Paper in the Wind Leaders: This person operates much like a piece of paper blowing in the wind…there are continual ups and downs and they go wherever the wind carries them.  These leaders can’t nail down details or a focus and will eventually in up in the dump or a shredder!

I’ve served under these types of leaders and it ends up bad; for the organization, the team, and myself.  While there are a few of these people who can make a complete turnaround with the proper coaching, most well never get out of their funk.

What do you do if you are under the leadership of these people? My advice is that you begin looking for an exit strategy because you will always be limited in your potential and abilities.  While you can continue to learn what not to do in that environment, I have discovered when you surround yourself with great people that you will do great things –which in turn gives you more passion and joy, something we all want out of life.

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