Failing is painful but it makes us stronger.

I absolutely hate it when I realize something I’ve poured my passion, time, energy, and heart into doesn’t quite work out like I had hoped for. It makes me feel sick to my stomach and like I’ve wasted my time. And I will spend weeks or months trying to figure out why it didn’t work out or what went wrong. Like NASA, failure to me is not an option … but it happens.

That which doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.

Honestly though, I would rather try and fail, than to never try at all. It’s easier to get over a venture that tanked than dealing with the regret of never knowing if your idea would have worked. This I am completely certain of. Failure also teaches us how to become more effective in our execution or prudent in our planning. It shapes us and molds us so we become resilient and adaptive to the world around us. We get stronger because of the challenges we face.

The important thing is to keep pressing forward.

It’s difficult when you have to consider pulling the plug on a business idea and letting it die, but death will also bring new life. The world may say that failure in business is bad, but I think it’s good. Walt Disney is a clear example of this. The deal is that you have to keep pressing forward even when life doesn’t work out like you planned. It is when we go through the toughest or darkest times that we can learn to appreciate our victories the most, and if we do press on, eventually we will find our greatest victory.


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