eCommerce Website Design

Launching an eCommerce store and selling products online is an incredible business opportunity. There is so much potential for you to sell what you're passionate about. If you can find a target audience for your products and then build a fan base, the sky is the limit!

The challenge is creating and designing the right eCommerce experience. You can't just launch an online store and hope for the best; you need the right combination of branding, design, user experience, and the proper platform to be successful. You also have to have products people love and will buy.

eCommerce design is my specialty.

I specialize in designing eCommerce websites that convert and sell. I work through the entire gamut of the customer experience including branding, messaging, the checkout process, product sales pages, product categories, mobile design and UX, and understanding your customer's buying habits. This ensures you get the best possible eCommerce design that increases your online sales.

I design websites for the Shopify and WooCommerce/WordPress platforms. If you need help deciding which solution is best for you, I can help with that as well.


The eCommerce design process

There's a lot to know about eCommerce in order to convert and make money online. Besides having great products and an amazing store design, you have to understand the checkout process, product sales pages, product categories, and how people buy online. Now that 60% of shoppers buy from their mobile device, you also have to create an experience that works for mobile. My eCommerce design process covers all the pertinent details.

Phase One: Discovery

It's imperative to gather as many details as possible about your online venture. We'll discuss your business goals and vision for your store. I'll conduct research on your target audience and learn about your product base. We'll work through the entire process from the time a visitor views your website until they purchase your product.

Phase Two: Design

Creating an awesome design for the ultimate buying experience comes next. I'll start by wireframing your page layouts for mobile and desktop. We want to make sure all the details are right before I create your eCommerce store design. Once the wireframes are approved, I'll design your masterpiece in digital format with Photoshop.

Phase Three: Development

The final phase is taking your design and coding it for your eCommerce platform of choice, Shopify or WooCommerce & WordPress. I can recommend three incredible developers or you can use your own. I'll work with the developer to ensure everything turns out the way we envisioned it.

Investment Cost for Discovery and Design

Building a successful online store requires hard work and a larger financial investment, but the payoff can be huge if it's done right. I'm the guy you can count on which is why my fees start at $6,000 USD for discovery and design. The investment cost can go up from there depending on your needs and requirements. If you want to partner with a designer who cares about your success as much as you do, let's begin the conversation.