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It’s a word that I abhor even though I know at times it can the best action to take. But I am a man of action, and when I discover something I am passionate about doing or want to make happen, I hate sitting idle while the world passes me by. Especially when you know your idea can help other people or benefit those involved.

Hurry Up and Wait.

It’s just one of the military sayings and attitudes I experienced in the Army. You rush to get ready for action or primed to take your objective and then … nothing! Your battalion or company gets caught up in a Charlie Foxtrot of red tape or messy logistics that prevent you from moving forward. And you sit and wait. It’s hard to win battles when you lose momentum and morale suffers.

Ironically, I also see this happen with business ideas or business decisions quite frequently. People come together to plan and share a desire to “take that hill.” They get the adrenaline rush, prepare to take action, and then … nothing. It’s very maddening.

Shoot. Move. Communicate.

This is another term that an infantryman learns in training. You are taught to shoot your enemy, move so you don’t become a target, and make damn sure you tell your buddies when you are moving — so you don’t get shot in the back or so they can cover you from enemy fire. The goal is to continually move forward until you take your objective.

I believe many of us need this attitude and discipline with our business strategies or world changing ideas. We need to push forward to take that hill. Sometimes we need to do it at all costs and sometimes we will have to go alone. Heroes never emerge from hiding in a foxhole or being in the rear with the gear; heroes are born by taking action and not waiting when something needs to be done.

Fix Bayonets and Charge…

I’ve spent many hours over the last twelve months talking business ideas and world changing strategies with people who say they want to do something. They talk about charging into battle with a fiery passion in their voice, but without action they will never know what it’s like to be a hero. Maybe the goal isn’t really to be hero, but I hope you get the point. You cannot achieve anything great or worthy without action.

I’m not waiting on others anymore to do what needs to be done. There is too much at stake. I want people I can count on and have my back, and if I can’t find them, I’ll take out the hill alone.

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Are you ready to do something worthwhile? Have you been wanting to pursue that new business or start a non-profit? Are you tired of waiting? Then lets roll into battle together. I’ve got your six (that’s got your backside covered) and am here to push you on. Lets do this!

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