Don't Take Small Things for Granted

Today I am doing undercover work. Literally.

It’s the one of the coldest days in Oklahoma ever and our heater has decided to crap out at this most opportune time.  Funny how life works at times.  The good news is that we found an awesome plumber to help us out.  Yep, a plumber!  Brad Hart of All Hart Plumbing is fantastic.  He helped walk me through lighting my hot water tank by phone at 11 p.m. one night because visions of brightly colored explosions danced through my head like sugar plumb fairies at Christmas.  True, I can throw a hand grenade or set up a Claymore with no fear, but setting fire to a pilot light was beyond my abilities.  Brad even came over a couple weeks later to install my new hot water tank.  He actually made me feel appreciated and that it was his honor to help.

Yesterday, when our heater went out, I called Brad … and while he wasn’t the one to really work on it, he hooked me up with a great heating and air guy.  Lyndon Hardin of Hardin’s Heating and Cooling was not only professional, he took care of us VERY quickly! I fully expected to get raked over the coals with such a quick response on an extremely cold, high-demand day but I was PLEASANTLY surprised that Hardin’s Heating did not take advantage of the situation and is replacing a bad component today for a fair fee.

So what does this have to do with taking small things for granted?

Simple. Sometimes we forget the power of relationships and actually taking care of people in business. Sometimes we forget what it’s like to just have heat, a warm meal, or people who really love us. Sometimes we are blessed and tend to overlook the obvious. Don’t take the seemingly small things for granted.

And if you are in the Oklahoma metro area and need a fantastic plumber or heating and air guy, check out Brad Hart of All Hart Plumbing and Lyndon Hardin of Hardin’s Heating and Cooling.  I highly recommend them!  Now I am getting back under the covers to keep the heat.

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