Don’t Let Failures Define You

I am going to be transparent. I absolutely hate to fail. But I’ve done it. A lot.

It would be awesome to tell you that I have the Midas Touch, that every business idea I’ve ever launched worked out and was profitable. It would make me feel better if I could say that I’ve honored every arrangement I’ve ever made and that all of my projects have never experienced problems. It just hasn’t happened that way. I don’t like it … but I’ve learned so much from the failures and those lessons are as valuable as gold.

Will Failures Define You and Keep You From Trying Again?

If you asked me right now if I’m scared of failing, I would tell you yes – of course I’m scared of failing! As an artist and a creative person, I want everyone to love my work. As a content producer and a coach, I desire everyone to benefit from what I share. But the reality is that this won’t always be the case. None of us win all the time.

What we need to ask of ourselves is we will let the failures define who we are and keep us from ever trying again or are we willing to risk it all again in order to achieve a dream or goal we believe in.

One week ago I visited Disney World in Florida for the first time ever. While I am not a fan of amusement style parks and crowds of people, I couldn’t envision a world without Disney. Perhaps not many people know, but Walt Disney had many set backs and failures that easily could have kept him from trying again. What would the world be like if Walt decided to give up after his bankruptcy in 1923?


It’s the Latin definition for restore or where we get our word for renovation. The word Renovatus has a very special meaning to me, but it’s also the word that I have chosen to use as a personal mantra moving forward in my journey. You see, I am restoring and renovating an old idea so that it can provide benefits to others, despite the failures in my past. Like Walt Disney, I have a vision and a dream that must be fulfilled. To not try again WOULD be the ultimate failure!

What About You?

Chances are you’ve had your own share of failures in business and in life. Perhaps you want to try again but you fear that doing so could end up in another disaster. I understand, but please don’t let that define you or stop you from your own goals or dreams. The world is full of giant failures that have become extraordinary successes. You will never know if you don’t try and try again.

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