Don't Do It for The Money

Whatever “it” is that you’ve been dreaming about doing for the sole purpose of making money … don’t do it.

When you follow the money you give up what makes you happy.  You tend to only focus on the end result and not the journey.  This has been true in my life.

For years I have pursued ideas only because I thought there would be a huge payoff by doing it.  I didn’t care if my idea was something that I enjoyed or felt was needed, all that mattered was that I could get rich. This insanity has only drawn me away from my real destination and proved fruitless.  What I have discovered is that people who create something because they are passionate about it or because it fills a need tend to be the ones who end up with both joy and money.

This belief was echoed by  Jeff Chandler when I asked him about monetizing his blog, WP Tavern.  Jeff said he loves what he does, and when you take a hobby and start making money from it, that it changes the game because it becomes work. He doesn’t want to lose the joy and freedom of his hobby because of the focus on money.  This is great insight!

My recommendation to all entrepreneurs is to not chase an idea because of a payoff — you need to find and chase something that you just have to do and create.  You need to wake up every day excited to go at it again, even if you don’t get rich from it.  It’s awesome to make money from something you love to do, but when it just becomes about the cash, it’s not true love anymore.

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