Do What You Love or Do What Makes Sense?

Do you ever daydream about how you would like to spend each and every day of your life?  I know I have, and if I had to guess, I would say a majority of you do the same. There is something that calls from within that makes us long to pursue the desires of our hearts. We all have passions and interests. Some of us are doing it right now and others continue to dream.

Business Gurus and Internet Marketers tell us all the time that we should “just follow our passion” and do what we love. But what about doing something that truly makes sense?

I envision sitting on the white sands in the Turks and Caicos Islands, while sipping a Caborita, listening to the waves and soaking in the sun.  While Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville is playing on an endless loop, I crack open the Mac and write a couple of blog posts and then “work” on a few creative projects I’ve never had the time to do. When I am finished, I strip butt naked and dive into the surf with my hot wife for some fun, before heading off to a dinner with Richard Branson to discuss my latest business ideas. This is what I would love to do. And besides the fact our minds are scarred with the images of skinny dipping, the reality is that doing what I love is not going to happen and it doesn’t make sense to pursue it. Of course I realize this is an extreme analogy to use.

Let me paint this in another way; We can’t always do what we love.

It hurts to say this but it’s true. There are things that we would all be extremely pleased to do and ways that we could spend our days. But the cold hard reality is that sometimes we need to (or should) understand that we can find love and peace in doing what makes sense, even if it’s boring or safe.  The advice floating around the Internet to just follow your dreams needs to really be thought through. Pursuing your passions or being an entrepreneur is not about taking reckless risks, but in taking calculated risks.  Sometimes you need to evaluate the waters before you jump ship.

  • What if you truly aren’t talented or cut out for what you love to do? Think about bad contestants on American Idol.
  • What if there really isn’t a market for what you want to do? If no one is buying, it’s really a hobby and you should do it in your spare time.
  • What will happen if you lose everything you own to pursue your fancy? Don’t make stupid sacrifices or put your family in a tough situation without thinking it through.

Please understand that I encourage EVERYONE to pursue their dreams.

I think too many of us have been robbed of our souls by being told to do the “safe and responsible thing” and been led to believe we can never fly high in the sky. This totally sucks!  You need to test your wings and see if you can soar like an eagle. Don’t live with any regrets. However, what I am saying is to place realistic expectations on your situation and consider all the pros and cons. Don’t take stupid risks or shoot for something you will never achieve … I will never play basketball or dunk like Michael Jordan, so I must focus on what I truly can do.

Whatever the questions are that you need to ask yourself, please do them. Be brutally honest.  And make sure that doing what you love to do also makes sense to do.


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