Do or Do Not. There is No Try.

It’s no secret that I’ve been a Star Wars fan ever since I was a kid. I was hooked when my dad took me to see the first installment, A New Hope, when it hit the big screen in 1977. And it wasn’t difficult to immediately like Yoda, the Jedi Master, when he first appeared in Empire Strikes Back. What is not to love about a short green Jedi who spouts off amazing wisdom in an unusual way?

If you really listen to the philosophical insights of Yoda, you will realize there are many truths to what he presents. But this post isn’t about Star Wars … it’s about taking action.


Let me get straight to the point without sugar coating my message. You either need to DO or DO NOT when it comes to following through on those ideas. Maybe you’ve had an idea to launch a new eBook or to start an online course. Perhaps you want to launch a lifestyle business or build a WordPress product. Whatever the case is, there might be something you’ve planned to do for a while that you have failed to act on. It’s time to crap or to get off the pot! Totally abrasive way to say it, but being bluntly honest.

There is No Try.

In the United States, we live in a society that has been taught we are all winners … as long as we try to make an effort. This is the most asinine belief and is not true. People win and people lose. You will never achieve business success or launch that product idea with a lackadaisical attitude towards trying. It is only when you have the absolute determination that you are either going to do it or die trying that will make a difference in the outcome. Wishful thinking and excuses are where the losers hang their shingles.

There is No Wait.

We are waiting for the perfect time. I need the capital to get started. Lets keep talking about the possibilities. I want my product to be perfect before launching …

There is a pattern that I see in people who DO or DO NOT. People who DO, will act on their ideas and make things happen. They don’t sit around thinking of the many reasons why they shouldn’t do something. They don’t wait for miraculous signs or market conditions or collaborative partners to step up. They perform and launch, even if it means the end result is failure. And they will repeat the process over and over again. People who DO NOT, well, they just talk and wait. Crap or get off the pot. That’s what I say.

You have everything, I have nothing.

This has been said to me in a variety of ways over the last ten years. From family members to friends to colleagues to people I’ve coached. To be honest, I’ve even said it to others myself in the course of my lifetime. How shameful! As long as you are able to breathe, you have something.

Years ago I had a family member tell me how rough it must be to be in my shoes. Recently someone told me it must be rough to be able to take the trips I’ve taken and will take this year. This is painful because not many people know all of my story.

My grade-school teacher told me I would never make anything of my life because I drew in class all the time. I went through abuse as a kid. Over ten years ago I was a drug addict and an alcoholic. I’ve gone through bankruptcy and losing almost everything I owned. I lost my dad at an early age in life and it was the most absolute hell I’ve ever gone through. I watched several friends die as a teenager due to alcohol related accidents. I sucked so much at business that I had to feed my family MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) and Ramen Noodles because I couldn’t charge what I was worth. I was depressed, suicidal, and without hope. Yeah, it must be rough.

If anyone has excuses to DO NOT, I would certainly be first in line as a candidate. And there are many of you who have been through worse. The only reason I have it so “rough” besides God’s blessing in my life is because I refused to let ANY of these circumstances stop me from doing.

What are YOU going to do?

I’ve been totally transparent with you through this entire post because I am sad to see how many people refuse to do. Hell, so many people don’t even try. I hear their stories, I hear their dreams. But they will never experience what they desire because they simply DO NOT.

My story isn’t special at all, but I will tell you what I’ve told others — if I can do it, you can do it too!

The truth is that all of us have opportunities in our lives every day to make a difference or to fulfill a dream. There is nothing truly holding you back other than your desire to make it happen at all costs. I’ll tell you another piece of valuable advice … success never happens overnight and never without failures. Ever.

When you are tired of your situation or ready to complete that idea, you just need to do. You need to take action every single day to see your goals realized. You need to tune out the rest of the world and the excuses holding you back.

Raise the X-Wing out of the swamp, Luke. You must unlearn what you have learned. Do or Do Not. There is No Try!

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