Discovering Your Passions – Part 2

The first step you will have to take in living your dream and following your passions is to know what those dreams and passions are. If you aren’t sure of what you want your life to be like you will never achieve it.

The way I started my recent discovery process was purchasing a Moleskin notebook and writing down everything I wanted to do with my life, no matter how hard or simple…I wrote all my ideas on paper as reference point.  A few of my dreams relate to calling, financial goals, the ideal day I want to have every day, who and what I want to invest in, etc.  Don’t limit yourself or think small — just dream and put it all on paper.


  1. Get yourself a Moleskin or other notebook that allows to you easily carry it with you and access it anytime.  I prefer notebooks that can be flipped easily and have tight spiral binding and are 5.5” x 8.5” in size.
  2. Start writing all the things you daydream about, what you would want to do if money were no object, topics that get your blood boiling or that kick-start your emotions, or even hobbies you want to do.  JUST WRITE IDEAS and when you exhaust that, stop.

Let all those ideas set a few days and then we’ll hit on sorting those out in the next post and what to do from there.

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