Digital Pathfinder

I lead entrepreneurs around the eCommerce challenges and towards online business success.

I've been in the trenches before.

Building an online business is an extremely rewarding adventure. The opportunity is amazing because eCommerce can provide you with a way to make a great living while enjoying more freedom in your business.

As an entrepreneur with a fiery passion, I know what it's like to blaze a new trail towards greatness and a dream. I've experienced incredible success on my journey. But I've also endured many hardships and spent a lot of time in the trenches battling for every inch of ground.

My passion for guiding you through the challenges and hardships.

It sucks investing thousands of dollars and an insane amount of hours to build your dream only to have it explode right in front of you. Why encounter the potential dangers when you can avoid them? That's why I'm here and offering to be your Digital Pathfinder.

A pathfinder is a person who goes ahead, discovers a safe path, then leads others on the way.

As a military veteran and veteran in the eCommerce industry, I know what it takes to reach the objective. I've learned some hard lessons from my time in the service and in business. My experience can save you time, money, and hardships.

My purpose is guiding business owners on their online journeys and showing them a better path.

I've invested 10 years into building digital enterprises and eCommerce ventures with great results. I've partnered with dozens of entrepreneurs to achieve their online success. And I can show you the way for your own venture.

If you're ready to find a better way for your eCommerce or online business, lean on my expertise to reach your objective. I'm your Digital Pathfinder and I've got your six!

Past clients include:

  • Andy Sernovitz

  • Arnold Palmer

  • Astroff Consultants


  • Best Western

  • BMW

  • Calloway Golf


  • Honda

  • HTC

  • Michael Hyatt

  • Jeff Pulver


  • National Veterans Foundation

  • NCAA Football

  • NHL

  • Nike Golf

  • Pearson NL

  • Pebble Beach

  • USAR, 95th Division

About James Dalman

James Dalman is the founder of Happy Joe and Joe Snuffy, military lifestyle brands dedicated to supporting the well being of our nation's military veterans. He's honored to have served in the U.S. Army Reserves and Oklahoma National Guard as an 11 Bravo Infantryman.

James has partnered with Fortune 500 companies to small businesses across the globe. He's passionate about investing in entrepreneurs and has spoken across the country on a variety of business topics. James and his wife Donetta enjoy traveling the world full-time.

James Dalman

Kind words from clients.

Are you looking to launch a website or make your logo one that stands out in a crowd? James Dalman is simply the best!!! Our logo rocks and our website is killer!!!

Eric Mitchell

CEO, LifeFlip Media

I couldn’t be more thrilled with what James Dalman designed for my website. He created ridiculously good details that I still admire even months later. Perhaps more importantly, he listened to what I didn’t want and avoided it.

Becky McCray

Speaker and Author

I love great brands. That’s why I recommend James to clients who need branding work. His decades of experience will help you effectively convey the message you want. I love his work!

Randy Cantrell

Podcaster, Entrepreneur