Design Your Business to Be Simple

I don’t know about you, but I love products that are simple to use and services that are easy to understand. We shouldn’t have to spend hours trying to figure things out. This is why you should design to be simple.

Apple has made billions of dollars on simplicity. Their products are easy to use and understand. Even a three year old can figure out how to use an iPhone! Apple has invested massive amounts of time making your life easier. And it works.

So many businesses complicate their products or services. They try to do too much.

If I purchase your product and it ends up a frustrating experience because I can’t figure it out, you’ve lost a customer for life. If I’m interested in your services, but can’t figure out what you do or how I get started, you’ll lose my business. It’s not that I’m demanding or have over the top expectations. I just don’t have time for complexities that could be avoided.

Design your business to be simple.

Entrepreneurs have a way of complicating business. They’ll over think the features for a product or offer too many choices for their services. More is better is not a good philosophy to live by.

Take away the options.

When I was younger, I sold my custom designed t-shirts at local gun shows. I had 12 different designs to choose from. People showed great interest in the shirts but they couldn’t decide which one to buy. They said they’d think about it and come back. They never did.

So I tried another strategy. I cut the number of t-shirts displayed in half to only six designs. You know what happened? I sold out of all of those shirts! I discovered that less options made it easier for people to decide on their purchase.

Limiting options or features has worked for hundreds of businesses including In-n-Out Burger, Freshbooks, and Basecamp. They know that less is actually better.

Always make the experience easier.

Whether you sell a product or service, your business goal should aways making the customer’s life easier. That’s a winning business strategy. People don’t want to spend time figuring out how to set up your app or what your pricing model is.

You need to make the experience intuitive and easy to understand. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Do you think people will “get” what you’re selling or be able to use your widget without frustration? If not, you need to go back to the drawing board and reinvent.

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Design your business to be simple. People will love you for it. You’ll build raving fans for your brand, which results in more profits. Simple sells.

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