Design Projects and Client Work

It's one thing to talk about what I've done so let me show some of the design projects I've worked on over the years. Website
Brand Identity, eCommerce, Copywriting Project hired me to completely overhaul their eCommerce website, improve SEO, and design a brand new logo.

My insights and work helped engineer a highly profitable digital product delivery system for this company. We automated the entire sales process, allowing their clients to purchase products 24/7 and 365 days per year. We also increased sales conversions ten-fold while allowing greater business freedom for the owner.

Brand Identity, eCommerce, Copywriting Project


Over the course of several years, I have been able to assist ASTROFF in numerous ways including developing their new brand identity, designing several eCommerce websites, writing sales content, creating marketing strategies, and offering business coaching services.

My work with Astroff helped provide them with new revenue streams, while automating their business for greater freedom.

Astroff Website
Remain Safe Shelters Website
Brand Identity, eCommerce, Copywriting Project

Remain Safe Shelters

Remain Safe hired me to develop their brand, design their eCommerce website, and write all sales and marketing copy.

My involvement with this company was extensive as I provided guidance into every aspect of the business -- including business consulting and development, marketing, sales, customer support, and technology stacks. I helped them build their brand while generating phenomenal sales for their shelters.

Brand Identity, Website Design, Food Truck Design

Mr. Munchies

I was commissioned to design a logo and vehicle graphics for Mr. Munchies, a brand new food truck located in Arizona.

As part of the process, I incorporated the Luchador idea because the owner is a huge fan of professional wrestling. I utilized pre-designed art to give their marketing and website a unique flair, while keeping the start up costs to a minimum. The end result is one people have come to love!

Mr Munchies Website Design
Screaming Eagles Book Website
Author Website and Copywriting

Screaming Eagles Books

Some of the greatest projects I've ever had the honor of working on are related to preserving the legacies of our World War II Veterans. This website highlights the book, Three of the Last WWII Screaming Eagles, written by my friend LTC Jos Groen.

Our goal with this website is ensuring the memories of these incredible men are never forgotten, while increasing book sales and recognition for the author.

Brand Identities

Astroff Logo
I Love Scents Logo Logo
Remain Safe Logo
Happy Trails Logo
Hotel Crashers
Cool Crave Logo
Life Flip Media
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