Congratulations to Tyler Dalman

May 5th, 2013 was a bitter-sweet day for my wife and me. We had the honor of celebrating the high school graduation of my son, Tyler Dalman, and with this amazing accomplishment we also realize that our child raising and homeschooling days are  now officially over. Another chapter in our life is complete and now a new one begins.

I am Extremely Proud of Tyler

I imagine most parents would say this of their children, but for me it’s more than just Tyler graduating from high school. I am proud of the young man he has become.

Tyler is smart and has a quick, witty sense of humor about him. He is quiet and reserved, but given the chance to say what’s on his mind, he can make you cry with laughter. My son is a very good artist and I’ve been teaching him the “family business.” He  amazes me with his understanding of what makes great design great. He just gets it, which is exciting. Tyler loves soccer as much as I do, and in all the years he has played, he definitely became a better player than I ever was – as a goalkeeper and midfielder. It has been so cool watching him progress over the years!

All that being said, it’s not his perfect grade point average or the many goals he has scored that makes me a proud parent. Those things have never really mattered to me. What has been the most impressive is the Godly character and wisdom he has shown for a teenager of only seventeen years of age. Tyler is a way better person than I was at his age — and I am extremely thankful for that. In fact, there are days where he shows more character and wisdom than adults. That speaks volumes to me.

Congratulations Tyler!

You are the best son that a father could ever ask for and I have been blessed to be your dad. You have brought incredible joy to our family as well as much laughter. Your mom and I want the best for you in your journey and we are here for you if you need it.  We are proud of you for everything you have accomplished and for the Godly man you have become. I love you very much!

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