Business Trust is Hard to Earn, Easy to Lose.

I have a huge lack of trust when it comes to business and even in my personal life.  Maybe because I’ve been stabbed in the back one too many times or possibly because I can smell a load of crap a mile away.  Either way, it stinks to have to look at people with overwhelming suspicion and caution, but my gut usually proves right.

There are some things that I really wish I could share right now and to call out a wolf in sheep’s clothing…but to keep things civil and avoid a messy situation – I won’t.  However, I will try to state what’s on my mind in a way that gets the point across without collateral damage.

  • Know who is really on your side and who isn’t. If they aren’t for you, they are against you, and it’s best to eliminate the enemy and avoid “friendly fire” before it happens.
  • Get things in writing. People will tell you what you want to hear especially if they have a personal agenda.  Make legal documents that outline specific issues that could come back to bite you and always protect your assets – especially Intellectual Property.
  • Go with your gut.  When red flags start popping up like a bad case of zits you need to heed the warnings and not wait until it’s too late.
  • Let it be known. You don’t have to flame any person or any company, but you can share your thoughts in a way that is candid, authentic and professional.  When fires burn people will notice, so why not recruit them to help put out the flames?
  • Kill the disease! If a virus is given the opportunity to spread and cause sickness, it will.  Treat the symptoms and kill the bug before it becomes an epidemic or untreatable.

This may all sound vague and a bit harsh but I absolutely have no respect for people who are dishonest or steal for personal gain – especially when they have been provided with a great opportunity that most people never get.  I cannot stand a person who has lied in order to further their own agenda and at the cost of others.  Honestly, it does sadden me as much as it makes me sick, but the reality is that the truth will eventually become known and we can rest in that. It may be easy to lie to others and even yourself, but the deception will not last forever and you will be exposed.

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