I help brands kick ass and make more money.


Whether you want to launch, build, or grow your brand, I can provide you with the advice and strategies to lead you to success. My passion is helping entrepreneurs thrive at creating amazing brands and highly profitable businesses.

My experience and capabilities are quite extensive. I've worked with Fortune 500 companies to medium sized businesses to startups in a variety of industries over 30 years. Branding, marketing, creative services, and web tech are all in my wheelhouse.

You will find my most popular service packages below. These are the areas of focus I specialize in and can provide the greatest value to your company or non-profit organization.


Brand Audit and Strategy

Having a great product or service alone does not guarantee success. Your brand messaging, identity, and packaging must resonate with your target audience in order to be profitable. That's where I can help you shine.

I will conduct an in-depth audit of your brand and provide a detailed report on my findings. I will also present you with strategies for building and improving your brand.


Marketing Strategy

Creating and defining an effective marketing plan that fits your brand is essential for achieving your objectives. Focusing on this plan once it's developed, will keep you focused on the right strategies, guaranteeing maximum ROI.

I will work with you to define your goals, develop an effective marketing strategy, and provide a one year roadmap for your company to follow.



Website Review and Strategy

If your website isn't generating the results you need, it could be for a variety of reasons. Design, SEO, mobile responsiveness, and call to actions are all factors that determine your site's effectiveness.

I will conduct an in-depth review of your website and provide a detailed report on my research, including suggestions for improvements.


Content Strategy

Quality, engaging content is the most effective way to increase traffic to your website and build your influence as a brand. If you're not investing in tools such as video, podcasting, articles, case studies, or social media, your company will likely fail.

We will work together to determine the best content strategies and tools for your business. I will provide you with a detailed plan and roadmap to get started. 


Copywriting Review and Advice

Once you gain the attention of potential prospects with your website or marketing materials, your sales copy must inspire them to take action. Writing sales copy that converts is no easy task, but I can help.

I will review your current marketing materials (website, brochure, pitch deck, etc.) and provide thorough feedback and suggestions to improve your conversions.


Business Strategy

Entrepreneurs are often so close to their business problems, they don't always see the best solutions for their needs, then base their answers on hope. This is where a business strategy and brainstorming session can benefit your brand and business greatly.

We will set up two 60 minute brainstorming sessions to discuss your challenges. During our sessions, I will deliver key insights and actionable steps to get you back on track.


Professional Design Services

In the course of our brainstorming sessions, it might be determined you need professional design services for your branding or marketing objectives. You're in luck! I do offer custom design services on a limited basis.

My capabilities include brand identities, WordPress websites, marketing and promotional materials, pitch decks, and social media graphics. 



Branding and Marketing Advice

Every month I will deliver valuable advice or resources directly to your inbox. Learn how build and grow a profitable brand for free. I respect your privacy and time, so you'll only get my best insights. Nothing less.